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May 12, 2024
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Take a peek at our new case, Occubuy! 🏠🌟

Occubuy is an innovative project by an Australian startup, aimed at solving the housing puzzle. They’re all about helping young folks save up and lower the age of homeownership, step by step, until they can call a house their own. With a little magic from Chili Labs, they’ve turned this dream into a sleek app that’s set to shake up the housing market. It’s got everything from snazzy 3D visuals to interactive prototypes and fun loyalty systems! It just goes to show, tech can be a game-changer in tackling real-world issues!


Meet Banknote - our new finance project! 🎉

With a sprinkle of Chili Labs expertise, Banknote has evolved into an even more user-friendly app! We’ve had a hand in rolling out a credit line feature and successfully set up Google and Apple Pay wallet, despite the challenges. Plus, we’ve played a big part in integrating NeoPay for loan payments, making the app more convenient than ever. It’s all about teamwork and simplifying finance!


3-Month Journey: The Launch of the Perfect Workout App! ⚡️

Introducing The Perfect Workout, an innovative personal training experience to help individuals get stronger effectively in a mere 20-minute sessions twice a week. Powered by Chili Labs, this groundbreaking vision has materialized into a sleek Flutter application now available on both Google Play and the Apple Store, achieved in an astonishingly brief span of just 3 months! Since its debut less than a month ago, the app has swiftly garnered acclaim, captivating over 100 daily users organically. Witness firsthand the magic of swift and impactful solutions in action!


New at Chili Labs: Design Concept & ASO, App marketing Services! 🚀

Get ready to level up with Chili Labs! We’re rolling out two game-changing services: Design Concept and ASO & App Marketing. Our Design Concept service is your magic wand, transforming your product vision into a reality with a sprinkle of aesthetics, a dash of context, and a whole lot of innovation. Meanwhile, our ASO & App Marketing service is like your app’s personal trainer, pumping up its visibility and downloads with strategic keyword workouts, user review diets, and global audience cardio. We’re stoked to be your sidekick on this journey to long-term success!

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