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We helped DelfinGroup, a fintech company from Latvia, improve their business performance by completely reworking their app.

About company


Banknote is a brand created by DelfinGroup, a services provider in Latvia and Lithuania offering consumer loans, pawn loans, POS loans and the sale of pre-owned goods.

Before we started

Project tasks

In preparation for the project, the following tasks were set:

Create a user-friendly interface
Create a mobile app using Flutter
Attract users from
the website to app

UI/UX design process

How we started?

We made a complete redesign of the app with the main goal of creating a user-friendly interface to slightly retarget the audience. To achieve this, we conducted competitor analyses and gathered feedback from current users to draw conclusions about what needed improvement. Subsequently, we began creating a concept with similar colors and typography but approached it differently to achieve the desired result.

UI/UX design process

Fresh view

The previous app design was simple and lacked any graphic elements, which gave it a boring feeling. The client wanted to make it more dynamic and convenient with elements that could help users navigate between screens.

UI/UX design process

More features

Discover more of our exciting design achievements.

The app lets you view details and pay bills. It also includes a payment chart to track completed and outstanding payments, helping you stay on top
of due dates.
Created a design for the virtual card, which gives users the possibility to receive money faster.
Added contract view, where users can find all contracts and go through them all.
New loans can be visible on the product screen. Users also can follow the status, and all the details.

UI/UX design process

We've implemented Design System

We have created a detailed design system for our client that includes colors, typography, icons, illustrations, and components. This simplifies the design process, making it more user-friendly for the client and enabling easy updates for future designs.

UI/UX design process

Dark / Light theme

We've added Dark/Light themes, allowing users to choose their preferred appearance 
for the app based on their preferences and surrounding lighting conditions.

Development process

Development using Flutter

We developed an application on Flutter, which allowed us to reduce the project costs and development time while maintaining quality and adding native features such as Apple/Google Maps and Pay.

We've optimized the loan calculator
Previously, the majority of the calculation logic for our loan investment calculator was handled client-side within the app. We have optimized this process by shifting most of the computational logic to the backend. This change has automated the system and seamlessly integrated it with the app, thereby enhancing overall performance and reliability.
We've optimized loan processing
In the previous version, it was only possible to receive a receipt and pay via bank. Now, payments can be easily completed with just two clicks using integration with Neopay. Integration with bank services: Additional verification is now available. The service checks a person's bank statement to determine if they are a creditworthy borrower.
We've integrated Apple/Google Pay for more convenient transactions
Apple Pay and Google Pay feature required native implementation, so a bridge was implemented with iOS and Android native technology.
We've implemented map with branches
Apple and Google Maps have been integrated into 
the app using native code integration with Flutter. Information about each branch, including address, working hours, and contact details, is sourced from Firebase.

Development process

We integrated analytics

It has been connected to identify where users encounter
problems within the app and suggest changes to enhance productivity.

Dynamic ads
They now change automatically based on client group.
A/B tests
Testing multiple similar implementations live to find the best and most effective option.
Smart review dialog
Pop-up with CTA to leave feedback when something positive occurs, such as a loan being paid and etc.



Take a look at the numbers, which increased after the new app was launched. *Statistics gathered in April 2024.

Successfully completed

The app is ready to use! If you'd like to check it out, simply click on the buttons below.

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