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The modern and type safe programming language with high-performance frameworks can do a great job. RxSwift became a standard, and we use it as the primary reactive library in our apps.


Not a single line of code can be merged to master branch without a review.


RxSwift became a standard, and we use it as the primary reactive library in our apps. It's used with a combination of other libraries from RxSwift community like RxCocoa, RxFlow that helps us to keep our codebase consistent. Also, we use Gitflow as a Git workflow design for our projects.



Do you want to you use top-notch hardware features, or take advantage of cutting edge software updates? In such situations native is the way to go. It makes sure that all the latest technologies from Apple can be integrated easily.


Testing the code

We use different approaches like Unit-tests, UI-Tests, Integration-tests, to guarantee as fewer bugs as possible. All tests are performed after each commit to repository and developer is notified if any of them don’t pass.



We care about iOS development community and moving the industry forward with internal libraries and code reviews, therefore we contribute to a lot of open-source projects. Our open-source activities are available on GitHub.



We regularly do internal talks and presentations inside our company to share ideas, experience with new technologies. This helps our team to move fast, be aware of developments in the IT world, and grow as a professional.


Take a look on what we’ve crafted and what we do.
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