Our talks

Designing the Future: Tech Trends of 2023 | Jesús González Torres | Product Design Meetup #8
Visual Hierarchy: Why We Need It | Ligita Kachanovska | Product Design Meetup #8
Configuration Management in Kotlin | Karin-Aleksandra Monoid | MDL Meetup #19 🔗
How I, As an Indie Developer, Built a Portfolio of Apps | Ivan Le Hjelmeland | MDL Meetup #19 🔗
Design Sprints Are Cool, But UX Is A Marathon | Santa Paegle | Product Design Meetup #7
Designing for ALL: Empowering Accessibility | Natalia Filvarova | Product Design Meetup #7
Having Fun With Dart On The Back-end | Dominik Roszkowski | MDL Meetup #17
Invest in ASO/Analytics Instead Of NEW Features | Vyacheslav Kreidikov | MDL Meetup #17
Memory LEAKS - Memory Management In Flutter | Raitis Šaripo | MDL Meetup #18
Composable Build Logic - Adopting Convention Plugins For Android | Tato Kutalia | MDL Meetup #18
Designing for the Forgotten Users | Maido Parv | Product Design Meetup #6
Designing VR For Neurodiversity | Marina Petrakova | Product Design Meetup #6
Building Frameworks or Nightmare of iOS Developer by Maksim Kalik
Architecture for Flutter apps by Cagatay Ulusoy
Experience Mapping: Why, How and What
Habits of a designer
Observation-based product development using Flutter
Challenges developing  an iOS SDK
How we designed
Printful Design Maker
How we design the Flo app for Android smartwatches
Customer Feedback
in Product Development
My 5 key learnings 
as UX researcher
How to design without assumptions
Make mistakes  and grow fast
Understanding of product design and design consistency
Building an Android Instant App
iOS 11: what's new 
and why it's next big thing
Let's do it with generics
iOS for Android Developer
Reverse engineering of iOS
apps to find security issues
Architecture Components — what is it all about?
React Native and ClojureScript — will it blend?
Why Fuse
Introduction to mobile automation tools and strategies
Automate the Mobile
Sprite Kit: 2D Game Development for Apple Platforms
The Horror 
of Mobile Graphics
Web Notifications 
in production with Firebase
Firebase: Backend as a Service for Mobile and IoT
Reviewing MVC, MVVM, VIPER  and some other architecture patterns.
Make your Android app great again! (by using MVP pattern)
Android location-aware applications
How to use Dagger 
inside our Espresso tests

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