Flutter — the most cost-efficient solution

Flutter is a cross-platform development solution created and supported by Google. Cross-platform code base is shared across both mobile OS’s, so you don’t have 
to write same functionality twice.

Two mobile screens with crochet animalsTwo mobile screens with crochet animals
Three mobile screens with crochet animalsThree mobile screens with crochet animals


All your business logic will be implemented only once and therefore will be consistent between platforms
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A single codebase in a portable UI toolkit for building natively-compiled mobile apps, that means you will need half as many developers than for native. Adding or editing features on Flutter is faster, as there is almost no compilation time to see changes.

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The way Flutter handles UI components allows to easy follow Google Material Design or Apple Human Interface guidelines. This combination allows to create more unique design, and have very similar to native experience without loss on performance.

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Testing the code

Shared code base eliminates bugs caused by platform inconsistencies, and makes unit testing more affordable and reliable.

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Flutter is supported by Google, has a strong open source community, regular conferences and grows each day. Many libraries and open source projects has Dart as a go-to language support.

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We regularly do internal talks and presentations inside our company to share ideas, experience with new technologies. This helps our team to move fast, be aware of developments in the IT world, and grow as a professional.


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