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Mar 25, 2024
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Chili shortcut
Chili shortcut

As you may have heard, in August 2023, Chili joined the Shortcut group. They're top app creators in Scandinavia, known for developing over 200 mobile apps that improve the lives of millions. With offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Malaysia, Shortcut is a leading developer of mobile applications.

How did it happen?

The journey of our collaboration was filled with numerous meetings, discussions, and a wealth of hard work. The story began a year ago when our CEO, Vjaceslavs Kreidikovs, went on a business trip to Norway to meet Marius Mårnes Mathiesen, CEO of Shortcut. After long conversations, It became clear we were on the same page. From sharing similar slogans (Chili - "We make mobile apps," Shortcut - "We make apps for life") to having deep relationships with our clients, we found common ground in our views, approach, passion for technology and design, and, most importantly, our love for mobile app development. Our shared goal is to become the greatest app development company in the World and by joining forces, we will achieve it faster!


Vjacheslavs and Marius are presenting Chili Labs to the Shortcut team at their office in Norway

Shortcut about our experience: "... The quality of Chili Labs’ apps demonstrates their expertise and the maturity of Flutter. It's truly exciting for us at Shortcut to integrate all the experience and competencies of the Flutter team at Chili Labs. Together, we can deliver excellent mobile apps built with Flutter while maintaining a high standard of user experience."


Marius is presenting the future vision of Chili Labs and Shortcut joining forces

We also would like to highlight how excited to work together with Shortcut we are, with their deep technological understanding and a diverse team of experts. Their strategic local presence in key cities enables them to provide personalized solutions while their industry-agnostic approach ensures versatility across various sectors. Shortcut's ability to strike a balance between structure and usability it's truly amazing!

Chili Labs will remain a separate brand and will continue to focus on mobile development, especially Flutter, UI/UX design, and delivering excellent quality projects. The Shortcut group will assist us in improving through knowledge and expertise sharing, exploring new opportunities, and entering new markets!

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