On-demand workforce mobile application

About project

TopUp is an on-demand workforce mobile application that connects companies with skilled staff for short-term projects.

Manually connecting the companies with partners using excel documents and phone calls wasn’t a scalable business model. That’s why TopUp has turned to Chili Labs to automate the process and remove the manual hustle from the equation.

The process

Our internal team collaborated to produce a high-class product. The main challenge consisted of two applications: Client and Partner app.

With our expertise in UI & UX, our design team has created an intuitive and elegant solution. Adding new features and screens was rapid and seamless, thanks to an elaborate design system.
Field testing
After about a year of development, the apps were first tested during the World Hockey Championship in Riga in May 2021. 46 shifts were created, and the partners booked 114 spots.
Backend development
Our experience with B2B2C architecture and Go language allowed us to design reliable & scalable API.
App development
For app development, we went with Flutter. A common design system and the cross-platform framework greatly contributed to the speed of the development, by allowing to reuse a lot of code.


Get to know demands of clients 
and partners to make it work.

Preparation for research & business goals
A short-term contractual job is quite a unique field and experience. Therefore we needed a client’s help to understand this business field in-depth. Our design team did business and competitor research for similar apps and products.
Usability testing / UX research
We have conducted user interviews with the target audience via Google Meet to validate our design ideas. The main goal was to catch users’ reactions to certain user interface elements and check the navigation usability.
Qualitative interview sessions
We have conducted qualitative interviews with multiple employers to figure out how they interact with temporary workers. The main goal of that was to understand how to summarize this interaction, simplify it, and input it into the mobile app.
Identify findings and insights
After conducting all the interviews and research phases, it was time to recap and identify findings and insights. Categorize it, attach it to personas, conclude what drives users and what pain points they have, and propose a hypothesis on how to solve it.

Client app

New way to attract the top talent — by a tap 
on TopUp app.

Client selects the appropriate timeline & schedule for the upcoming projects.
Within shifts clients can see all the important information about the job. Applications, date & time, total fee and calculations
Client can see the stats of each individual worker. If the experience was awesome — make them a favourite, if not — can block this person and never work with it again.
Client has a possibility to check existing shifts. Create a new one and a way to save it as a draft, for later use.

Worker app

Manage & select workers through the app.

Partner can choose the skills & jobs they are willing to do and get paid.
Reviewing the shift, the partner can check all the information about the job and apply for it.
Partner can see all the shifts and jobs that are completed and available. As well as the payments and terms on what needs to be done.
To keep up with the ongoing and future shifts, we have added in-app and push notifications to the app.

On-demand work opportunities

TopUp and TopUp Biz apps are available on Google Play or App Store to find projects or professional on-demand workforce.

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