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Sora Stream

We were tasked to revolutionize a Cloud Gaming mobile experience solution for Sora Stream Android users that would allow them to play from anywhere in the world without having expensive hardware.
Different devices
The client had a cross platform solution, but the mobile app and TV app expertise were missing. That's why Sora Stream on boarded the Chili Labs team into the project, as mobile UI/UX design and Android development experts.
According to the latest research by market pioneers, the size of cloud gaming globally reached USD 0.47 billion in 2020. It is expected that the cloud gaming market will reach 8 billion EUR worldwide in 2025.
Cloud Gaming is the Future
We partnered with Ludium Lab to build their first-ever mobile app for Android following the best agile project approaches.
The process
Ludium Lab design team had their vision and ideas on overall app style. With our experience in mobile interfaces design and their vision, in symbiosis we have created an outstanding solution with best user experience.
Chili Labs took complete ownership of app development. Overall development took about a half a year for Mobile, Tablet and TV apps.

Main technologies: Kotlin Coroutines, Retrofit, Firebase, Glide.
We care about user experience, so we did alpha and beta tests in order to properly understand if a user is satisfied with the solution and what changes should be made for a better experience.
Early User Testing
In late 2020 we started communication with the main business stakeholders and design team to shape the next level of the user experience for cloud gaming mobile and TV apps.
Games can be played in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Not gonna brag… but 60 FPS in Full HD.
150+ games from just one app
Premium plan provides to create up to 4 different profiles and to take advantage of the Parental Control.
Premium features
We have managed to create an app for best user experience and design that eases the life of users. The app is already in early access in the Google Play store. It is more visually appealing for casual gamers and families.
TV app is NextGen too, it stands out in comparison to competitors. We included all modern UI/UX guidelines to make it more as user friendly as possible and ease the life of users.
Google play
Apps are available on Android platform for Sora Stream users and people who decided to give it a try and want to register from the app!
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