Persona Invest

Long-term investments with one tap

How Chili Labs made simple investing app to close the gender gap in investing and create a secure future for women.

About project

Not just another finance app, but also supportive network for the likeminded

While conducting research and development of wireframes, the Chili team discovered that the complexity of investments deter many women to start. To address the issue, we combined the concepts of user-friendly investing with a social media-like atmosphere to make complicated things look easy and engage users.

Key app functionality

Personification & custom onboarding is a way to make the most unique and comfortable experience for the user

The main challenge for the Chili Labs team was to personalize the forecast based on the amount and frequency of one’s investments. In addition, a special feature of the application was the individual selection of stocks in the investment portfolio for the goals of each user.

Users can choose their goals to get the exact investment portfolio according to their needs.
Investment progress is closely monitored with regular reports. User’s always well-informed.
Users can select an amount that suits them, and the app will calculate the forecast based on their consistent investments.
Tracking total contributions effortlessly. It’s important for the users to see their dreams grow day by day!


Making app design & concept for the safe future

The app consists of all the tools to learn about finances and investing. We introduced an engaging concept of interactive lectures, seamlessly delivering daily insights and short yet educational courses. These features not only enhance the user experience but expanding the app's user base, making it a strategic asset for reaching a wider audience.

From the dream to implementation

Persona Invest is on the start-up early stage for now, but very soon women all around the world will be able to build a wealth future together using one-tap app.

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