Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia mobile app

We had to re-do the entire app, as it was outdated and looked old-fashioned. People were having issues with filling the "accident statement" and only 2% of registered users were using this feature on a mobile app.

LTAB mobile app

About project

We made a huge commitment to the project, UX designers and technology within Chili Labs to deliver the app that would be used in very stressful times by anyone who can drive a car. We took it as a challenge that we should overcome and even more try out newest technologies like flutter and Firebase realtime databases.


We solved different issues

UX Flow improvement
Reworked existing app interface, fields and removed unnecessary information from the flow
We added a fresh look, according to the latest guidelines to attract more younger users.
Flutter development
We reworked iOS and Android app, using Flutter, and got one app instead two.

About project

Our contributions

Old architecture 
and API
We couldn't implement socketed connections for real-time updates due to limitations. Instead, we had to work with the existing setup and build on it.
Lack of staging environment
We tested everything in the production. Since LTAB lacked a staging environment. But we implemented staging by the end.
Unique solution
We had to design a modern app for reporting car accidents, meeting European Union requirements, as there were no similar apps available with the same functionality.
Solution for everyone
We had to consider a wide range of users, from tech-savvy teenagers to middle-aged individuals distant from IT, and even elders uncomfortable with mobile phones.
Simultaneous work 
on two devices
Since two people fill out the accident form, clear instructions and flow were crucial. We developed over 50 scenarios to cover all possible events in a structured manner.
New technology
We had to employ numerous workarounds and hacks to ensure Flutter behaved as expected, since it's new framework.

What we have done

The Results

As a result we have managed to completely rework an app, made it more user- friendly and ease the life of users in most stressful situations, such as a car accident. App is already in stores and more than 20 thousand users have it installed. It is more visually appealing for younger users and app scalable architecture will allow to extend functionality even more.

What we have done

My Car

Is supportive information for car owners, as we wanted to make the app useful not only to register an accident statement. It helps drivers with reminding of their insurance term finishing, list of accidents, bonus points for driving without accidents and auto garage, with all auto and registration details.

What we have done

Loading photo & video

Most people nowadays reflex if something happened - take a phone, make photos, video to make an evidence. Car crashes are not an exception. So we decided to include it into the app process and make insurance assessors' life easier. Photo/Video recording from the app, it is the first step on car assessment, as most people would do it anyways!

What we have done

Role selection

As you need two persons to fill in the form, it is necessary to clearly define who is driver of car A and who is driver of car B, so they do not fill in data in the wrong way and avoid errors.

What we have done


It is important for insurance companies to be able to gather as much information as possible if there is a need. Witness contact information gathering is a seamless part of accident form., however if there is no one to be witness, you can simply skip this step

What we have done

Initial impact

Having precise GPS location, view from the map and one more important step - Initial impact. The insurance specialists don't even have to travel anywhere. Google Maps, check for road signs, see car placements from the photos and damages on the car on this form, and you have detailed information on what happened.

What we have done

Accident reconstruction on the map

Users place their cars on the zoomed map from the accident place, rotate it, add direction of movement and do the same with the second car. If needed, the map can be removed and a regular drawing tool will be available for users.

What we have done

Edit & Success

When both of the car drivers complete an agreed statement, the review page is opening, where they can confirm and edit details. Once it's done, we will display all information on PDF (single format for all EU countries), on confirmation it will be sent to LTAB for accident registration. The printed statement can be downloaded and received by email.

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Download the app to access essential information and tools for car owners. Track insurance expiration, log accidents, and earn rewards for safe driving. All your car details and registration info in one convenient place.

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