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Intelligent Board Room

Can your Team Execute Strategy? Cognitive software for better people decisions.

IBR Software is used by multiple Fortune 500 companies all over the world.

What is IBR

IntelligentBoardRoom is a cognitive software platform that helps leaders make better decisions about people.

IBR is specifically designed to review whether a team may effectively execute current or future strategies.

What was our impact

About this project

In 2019, the client came with a finished concept product that was running on an iPad. Chili Labs was tasked to re-create and improve the existing product as a web-platform that supports all types of devices. We were required to update the existing functionality and add a few extras. Our cooperation became so fruitful, that the version that exists today by far exceeds the initial specifications. Below are problems that we faced.

No scalability with an iPad
The concept version on the iPad had no scalability possibilities. Therefore, we started again new at the very beginning to make the system adaptive for web.
The product wasn’t flexible
Each of IBR’s clients has it’s own needs and requests. The new platform version was built with many options that could be switched on or off depending on the client’s needs.
Working local versus global
iPad versions were working locally on each device, so there we no any dedicated server. Now all data is stored on a dedicated server, and the client can reach it simultaneously from any device.

What was our impact

Technologies used

Design System
Instant access to all basic elements, styles, colors, typography and more.
It is a cross-platform, statically typed, programming language with type inference.
General-purpose computer programming language that will run on any computer system.
It is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.
It is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications.

What was our impact

Chili Labs solution

We have created a solution that not only replaced the initial concept product on iPad but went far beyond its initial specifications. Today it is used by multiple Fortune 500 companies all over the world. More large enterprises consider using IBR as their main platform to understand the impact of leadership on the execution of the business strategy.

Getting access to the system

Log In & Security

Additional protection

Two-factor authentication

To protect important and sensitive data, login requires two-factor authorization with your phone.

All teams in one place


Possibility to create a team set each position’s impact by rank that will define «weight» on calculations on the Performance Matrix. For example — if we have a product development team with developers, a team lead, a QA engineer, a designer, and a manager, who would be the most crucial person for goal success? This is the question that reviewers would have to answer.

Control your employees


People tab is needed so that users can see workers, archived (completed) reviews, data about each worker’s progression, goal completion, and start or the end of work. All the necessary information to see trends of each person in the team or the company.

One page overview


Displaying all the essential information in one place for just one minute, a leader can glance at a team’s data and know what you are dealing with. On the dashboard, leaders can see team scores, team members, and their stats. All information is visually clear and understandable.

Predict team performance

Review process

Displaying all the essential information in one place for just one minute, a leader can glance at a team’s data and know what they are dealing with. On dashboard leaders can see team scores, team members, and their stats, all information is visually clear and understandable.

The Matrix
The way in teams are reviewed is the core of the system. On request of the IBR team we do not display any functionality here. In case you would like a demo, please reach out to:

Decision making

Hard Talk Sheet

Table for a preview of decision making, the decision on which column to assign a person is made automatically according to the review data. If the reviewer disagrees with an automated decision, it can be set to another column with notes for each person individually.

Client Domain

FAQ & Support

As there is a lot of functionality in the application, we created a wiki page with tutorials, FAQs and information that users might find helpful. It is hosted separately from an instance and consists of all necessary data on successfully operating with IBR software.

Amount of work

200+ screens created

From the project start, we have created more than 200+ unique screens, wireframes, design concepts, and screens that would never leave the designer’s desk. Creating a modern, strict, yet user-friendly interface for large enterprises and corporations took a lot of work.

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