Evntly – event management application

We helped the Evntly, LLC company from the USA by bringing a new look to their existing event management application

About project

About the company

Evntly, LLC is a company from USA, New York, one of their products is Evntly app.  App helps users to organize their events and find local professionals, services and spaces. It is not only an easy-to-use, free solution for users, who want to organize events, but also a great management tool for professionals. Evntly LLC also has Evntly Media, where they provide creating customized marketing strategies for brands.

Projects tasks

Projects tasks

Before the project started Evntly was an app built using Kotlin Multiplatform and Kotlin based framework for the back-end. The UI was outdated, and the app had a good amount of performance issues.

Revamp UI/UX
Re-create app on Flutter
Update and create more stable server infrastructure

UI/UX design process

How did it start?

A lot of professionals are creative persons with high standards and that is why we needed to use high-quality and creative approaches for a fresh UI. And also when we are talking about mobile app UI, it not only should look great, but also it should be easy to understand and use in everyday life.

UI/UX design process

Creating new vision

The previous app design was simple, dark and was visually strict. Our mission was to bring life and joy to existing screens, while keeping everything organized.

Development process

Development using Flutter

When talking about app development, the main focus is usually on UI/UX and app development, but also a big part of work needs to be done on server side as well.

Bringing to life
After designs were completed, the more complicated process of app creation was started. Flutter not only builds modern, cross-platform apps, but also has plenty of tools for user interface creating, coloring and animating.
Parallel word
Switching from Kotlin based framework to Google provided framework is not the most difficult part of this process, but creating stable infrastructure is. And we successfully did it.

UI/UX design process + Features

Features for Client

Create an event
Create your personal event, select place, time, event type.
Browse and find professionals, services, places
Browse plenty of different professionals, services, and places. Invite those you like.
Payments with Stripe
Choose from different payment options - by card, Apple/Google Pay or ACH. Funds are reserved and the Professional gets paid only after shift has been finished.

UI/UX design process + Features

Features for Professional

Set up your professional profile
Create a unique profile, set your specialities and services. Add information about yourself and links to your media and portfolio
Stripe account set up
Register and link your profile with Stripe, in order to get paid once the event has passed.
Manage your work
Clever Calendar Notifications. For professionals, time and work management is the most important part. Knowing this, a great tool was created, which allows you to add your own individual work schedule and be able to see, accept and plan bookings in one place.
Create quotes for your attendance
Allows professionals to send their quote to clients for their services, making it easier for clients to set up the events and join Evntly app in a breeze.



The app redesign and app refactoring to Flutter was finished in just 7 months and received excellent feedback from users. Comparing period before and after starting working with ChiliLabs:

Successfully completed

You can easily create our own memorable events absolutely free with Evntly App. Evntly is available on IOS and Android.

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