Row counter & yarn manager


Mobile app crafted specifically for crocheters, with the new patterns made especially for the mobile devices.

About crochet

The first mobile app crafted specially for crocheters

The light and rounded design, with bright colors that speak to the audience in a joyful tone, makes the use of the app pleasant and enjoyable.

The story behind

How we started this project

Currently, pattern creators publish their instructions in PDF, with no unified format and not made for mobile devices. This is why we decided to create a new format that solves it for a user and enables search, progress tracking, step by step interaction, and makes a mobile app a one-stop for all the tools. We did initial research with many crocheters to find out — what you need.

Row counter
Many crocheters require a «row counter» — a basic counter with the possibility to add — or + and a timer.
PDF instructions
Patterns available online are most commonly sold by PDF files. It is re-selled & pirated, unsecurely stored, and lost every year. We had to fix that for the user and merchant.
All-in-one tool
Our goal was to create all the necessary items for the crocheters in one app, so that they would not have to switch through the apps or google something.


Our solution

As a result, as artisans, we have crafted an app that collects a huge number of functions that crocheters need in their daily job. Mobile optimised patterns, multiple row counters, unit converter, PDF upload & cloud sync, yarn, hook & needle warehouse — all that in a single mobile app. CrochetApp is the best friend of any crocheting artisan!

Brands & Communication
Red Dot, 2021
Best In Show
W3, 2021
Best Mobile App – Gold
W3, 2021

What we did

Technologies used

As a startup, your main advantage is the speed of development and feature delivery to the end user. The main goal was to verify whether or not this idea is needed for someone. Will any user buy a subscription for it, or not?

New and reliable cross-platform development platform backed up by Google, to develop for iOS and Android at the same time.
Real time database, firestorage, firebase authorisation, push notifications and analytics. Firebase does it all.
Amazon Web Services
Cloud hosting, image display, content delivery management. With very affordable pricing plans.

Optimised for mobile

Patterns crafted for mobile

The new way patterns are crafted and optimized specially for mobile devices. Lowers the bar on users who can craft things, increasing an audience that can be reached.

Store all patterns in one place

Upload your own PDF's

Allows uploading any patterns from anywhere and following current crochet progress. No more fear of loss of a needed pattern.

Extra features

Premium subscriptions

Get access to full app functionality via subscription. Manage yarns & hooks & needles inventory, store your patterns on a cloud, get a shopping list, unique premium patterns, unlimited PDF upload, and more.

Stock control

Yarn and hook inventory

Allows users to control stock of items for crocheting, yarn stash, crochet hooks, knitting needles, and other tools. Helping creators to make sure there are enough materials for each project.

Crocheting never been so easy

Necessary tools for each crocheter ️

Faced a new abbreviation, or got a pattern from Europe, and need a converter to US format, want to remember to buy something from your yarn shop? Not a problem. Crochet app got you covered here as well!

Crochet row counter 
& patterns

Crochet app is available on Google Play or App Store to DO SOMETHING

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