Occubuy app design UI/UX case

Solving 🇦🇺 housing crisis with UI/UX Design

We helped an Australian startup realize their vision of solving the housing crisis. Their mission is to assist young people in saving and to bring the age of homeownership down, gradually enabling them to own a house.

What have we done

Creating a non-typical & modern app

Chili Labs has created a modern and non-traditional mobile app design, featuring a unique visual style incorporating 3D objects, interactive prototypes, and loyalty systems with gamification elements.

Design Concept & Research
Gamification & loyalty system
Design System & User interface

Why we are doing this

Solving a real-life issues with design

The core audience for this project is young people who are struggling to own their property and are eager to break free from the renting cycle. This app is not just a tool to break free from the renting cycle; it’s a new idea that will change the way we think about renting and homeownership.

Core functions

Simple, easy UX to make app usage convenient

With the proposed functions, we aim to make the user’s life more convenient. Rent and bill payments can be completed with just a few taps, ensuring no missed due dates or late fees. Keep your finances, calendar, and reminders in check to help you control and predict your expenses effortlessly.

Core functions

Design by Gamification to building habit of app daily usage

We merged the best of both worlds (gaming & mobile apps) to create cutting-edge solutions. We utilized Blender for 3D, Figma for design and prototypes, and Notion and Miro for analysis and research.

Design system

Design components to be used everywhere in the project

Created once, used forever! We follow an internal procedure for constructing design elements and developing a system from them, making it easy for any designer, whether from Chili Labs or elsewhere, to understand the rules for each element.

Successfully completed

As a result of our efforts, the client successfully raised funds and attracted investors to the project. Feel free to see what they have to say about working with us on Clutch reviews!

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