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May 12, 2024
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Product Meetup #9 🖖

We're excited to try something new and share it with you. That's why we've changed the format of our Meetups slightly. While they used to be all about development and design, we now want to focus more on the business side of the product. Our latest Meetup took place on April 4th at Workland space, where two fantastic speakers paved the way for this new direction. Egija Gailuma, one of the co-founders of OX Drive, shared her journey from idea to 150 Teslas and Matiss Ansviesulis, a successful entrepreneur in the fintech industry, delved into the myths and realities of starting companies and raising funding. Tickets sold out quickly, and attendees walked away with valuable insights. If you missed it, you can watch the event on our YouTube Channel.


Bookla is growing! 🚀

Bookla released a new product - Bookla Platform a complete booking and scheduling solution for Web, Mobile, and IoT, integration into your system or building from scratch. The task assigned to our designer, Snezhana, was to visually explain the Bookla Platform solution to the client. Snezhana had full creative freedom as the client trusted her completely. She successfully found a way to visually represent the unique solution, resolved animation problems, and faced the challenge of organizing the 12 pricing packages. The result is a beautiful and user-friendly platform. Explore this stunning design by clicking on the link.


New episode of our Chili Podcast! 🎙️

Marius Mårnes, the CEO of Shortcut Group, visited our office in Riga to record a podcast with our CEO, Vjaceslavs. They discussed the considerations and challenges businesses face when deciding to build an app. They highlighted the importance of understanding the end user's needs and focusing on monetization strategies from the start. They also talked about the significance of MVPs, analytics tools like Firebase, and the value of investing in user experience for app development. Additionally, they touched on competitor analysis and the changing landscape of app technologies. And of course, you still have the chance to listen to it right here!


Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat ♻️

Even though our developers Raitis and Igors have full-time jobs, they decided to join the Global Gamers Challenge by Google. They aimed to develop a game using Flutter and Dart that focuses on environmental sustainability. Raitis wanted to learn new skills, while Igor was chasing his dream. Raitis took the project seriously by creating an engaging and informative game, including pop-ups with important facts about the environment. On the other hand, Igors researched recycling to ensure accuracy in the game. Despite many sleepless nights and challenges, they were satisfied with the results and are excited to participate again. You can learn more about Igors' game here and about Raitis' game here.

By the way, guys are also organizers of a Flutter Riga meetup and Igors will be giving a speech at the Accenture space. He will be sharing his personal experience of creating a game, so if you want to learn more exclusive details about the process, you are welcome to join!


Our CEO is speaking at a conference! 💬

Hipther Agency has confirmed that on June 4-5, 2024, our CEO, Vyacheslav Kreidikov, will attend the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit as a speaker. This summit is a key event in the Baltic and Nordic regions, promoting innovation and collaboration in the gaming and tech sectors. It brings together industry leaders, including C-level executives and government officials, for insightful talks and networking opportunities. Vyacheslav will discuss the importance and timing of companies needing mobile applications. Join us in Tallinn to listen to his speech!

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