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Coordination platform that saves lives

A platform is used by rescuers and police forces. It is used as a custom-tailored solution for the specific needs of your division. Be it border control, rescue missions, coordination or evidence-based software, we can do it all.
All necessary equipment in one platform
Changing the way how rescuers search for missing people
That helps admins to overview real-time map with a high-level view of all search mission participants in order to coordinate them in an efficient way.
Admin panel
for coordination
Our platform allows to see completed trails of each individual user, so administrators can have a clear view of blind spots on the map.
No more blind
So people in headquarters can decide to narrow the search area and send send more people, K9 unit, drones or extra groups to check this particular area.
Pins with picture attached
to GPS location
When a person goes missing people who are willing to help can check the surrounding areas and that will significantly increase the chances that person will be found alive.
Missing people list & notification area
Integrated with Atlas drones
Only the latest technology
Drones proved very useful in rescue missions and searches. It is an efficient way on how to search people in the woods, in the night missions or searching in the fields and large territories, that is hard to search by traditional methods.
Our platform supports the search of people with autonomous drones
The integrated drone is equipped with a heat-detection camera, that can be used for searching people in the woods. In the night missions or searching in the fields, roads, and water.
The integrated drone is equipped with a heat-detection camera
This functionality is needed by the elderly, parents, and people with special needs. In Latvia alone, there are more than 500 000 people in the age of retirement, people with dementia and children who require extra care and attention.

SOS button will allow relatives and close people to take action in case person who they care about is in danger and need help.
SOS Button — for emergency situations
For persons who you care about
The key to a successful app is a constant application to reality, it should be useful and work correctly in the right environment. E.g. in the woods, in most of the cases you will not have internet or it will be very poor.

We have made major improvements needed for battery consumption, GPS polling times and GPS overall preciseness. We figured out a solution on how to filter the phone requests to the closest cell tower and do not draw it as a users trail as well as improve overall data validation, aggregation and filter out incorrect coordinates from GPS modules.
Offline Mode & Saving Battery
Works in extreme environment
Search and rescue of people
Who might find it useful?
  • Fire Department
  • Border Guards
  • Rescuers and Rescue organisations
  • Police

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