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Why Searchie?

  • Recruitment work is very time consuming, especially for the innovative businesses. With hundreds of candidates applying weekly, it's really hard to shortlist the ideal fit candidates.

  • Cost to hire and especially the cost of hiring the wrong candidate is way too high.

  • Modern technologies, with usage of AI and machine learning can assist companies to identify the exact match for company culture fit and skills. mission is to widen the world of job possibilities for all
Inefficiencies in the existing recruiting model mean the right talent and the right job don't always end up together.

Searchie's vision is to create a solution where job seekers get jobs faster, and hiring teams get the most qualified candidates by eliminating frictional unemployment.

Searchie is a paperless, digital and data driven solution that will help you eliminate discrimination, bias and human error.
About interviews
Interviewers can save tons of time on pre-screening the candidates and get person profiling from machine learned algorithms that are based on video recorded with answers of candidates. Their reactions, mimics and other data that allows them to understand the candidate's profile and overall culture fit.

Matching that with technical interview answers we get a much more detailed profile of each interviewee. It speeds up the decision making process and eliminates risks of hiring wrong candidates.
Better for job seeker

  • On the other hand — candidates can pass an interview without rush and stress. They don't have to go to the employer's office and stress out.

  • Interviewees can pass the interview in their comfortable environment at a comfortable timefor them, without stress and pressure. It can eliminate mistakes and show real persons fit to the position and future employee expectations.

  • Voice assistants — "Ahmed" and "Sarah" will help you to feel that you are really on the interview, they will make sure you not only read the questions but hear them said in your preferred language.
The applications provide many pros such as:

  • Time saving on both sides of interview process.

  • Well structured interview process.

  • Predefined questions.

  • Same rules for all interviewees.

  • No bias, discrimination and eliminated human errors.
  • Algorithm that helps to choose the best candidate.
  • AI assistants "Sarah" and "Ahmed".
  • Made for introverts or people with social anxiety.
  • Minimalistic and elegant design.
  • Safe and secure solution.
  • Multiple Language support.
Simple concept
By using "Searchie" employers save a lot of time and they can focus more on their work. All they need to do is look up the information that the application has provided from the interviews and select the best candidate for their job application. It is up to their choice if they want to listen to the interview and chat answers because the "Searchie" will try to answer that question on who is the best candidate.

For the candidate the application starts by asking some simple questions, for example, what is your name, skills, availability, etc. It depends on what the employer wants to know about you. The questions are pre-described from the employer side. All one has to do next is to record the interview, and that is it.

No more driving long distances to interview, no more overstressing about making things in time, even not needed to put pants on as the interview only needs to record your face, so get comfy, get the application and be ready for that interview.
How it works

  • Recruiting manager creates a Job ad on platform, indicating necessary skills of a candidate and sets up questions for the interview.

  • Set of skills, interview questions and questions related to culture fit to the company.

  • After creating the job interview, job description and all the requirements, the unique link or a passcode is generated for vacancy, so that the hiring manager can post it online or send it to individual candidates.
  • Interviews are secured and the only way to attend the interview is to login with a specific passcode.

  • Candidate has to read the job role description, agree to the terms and can continue with the interview.

  • Whenever a potential employee feels comfy and safe he inputs the code, one more time acknowledging the job position, requirement and starts the interview process. Starting an interview they got regular input text questions, multiselect questions and video questions.
  • AI chatbot will gently guide you through the interview with questions on one by one, so you can focus on each separate topic, without worrying about the time and the rest of the questions.

  • After the video interview is done, they are compressed and sent to the database for the future analysis and parsing by the neural network.

  • Its algorithms "read" employee's face, mimics, voice timbre and emotions. Based on this and the person's answers it will provide a mark, psychological picture, company fit and other charts and figures on how good the employee suits the job.
Statistics are available and visible to hiring managers through the web, so they get unbiased and complete information of a candidate to decide.

Whether to proceed with them for a second stage of an interview or cancel the application and do not waste each others time.

App's design
Mobile application design is simplistic, elegant and made with pedantic precision so that all focus is granted on the main task — the interview.

Even the design is made in such colors and tones, that it provides the user a focus and would reduce stress, so the user can focus solemnly on one task — passing an interview.
Find the best candidate with Searchie
Searchie's remote video interview is a simple way to fill the role in days with the best candidate.

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