Modern banking application with minimalistic design and extended functionality for Bilderlings bank users.

Bilderlings mobile banking

Modern banking application with minimalistic design and extended functionality for Bilderlings bank users.
Bilderlings mobile banking app
We made a world class modern mobile app. It was our first fintech and neobanking solution using only Flutter, that consists of online payments in currencies including EUR and USD, transfers via SWIFT, SEPA, real-time currency conversion. Individual IBAN, payment card, all in one place.
We needed to rework iOS and Android apps at the same time, so we chose Flutter as a technology to do it in a more efficient way. Pixel-perfect design on flutter is not an easiest thing to implement, as the platform is relatively new, there are lots of issues with native libraries, animations and scrolls.
Flutter development
Our contributions
We needed to create a solution both for business clients and individuals, was a challenge itself. Lots of interface elements and functionality need to be differentiated, as well as you have to be able to switch between seamlessly.
All the app for iOS and Android, was created by two developers only, with functionality that is comparable to famous Revolut and similar neobanking solutions. It takes significantly less resources to do something, if you know the path on how to achieve it.
Business and individuals
Two man army
In order to create seamless experience on loading content, it was decided to create facebook like "skeleton loader" for placeholders on loading. Therefore we created a feeling that the screen is shaping up in front of the user, instead of just using regular loaders from material design, etc.
If the animations on your mobile app appear to be janky, but only on the first run, you can warm up the shader captured in the Skia Shader Language (SkSL) for a significant improvement, this is a way to improve visual animations and make them more Native-like.
"Skeleton loader" on content loading
Reduce shader compilation jank on mobile
What problems
needed to be solved
We made the app keep everything in view, making financial management extremely simple and pleasant. Dealing with finance should be easy and simple, as hard interfaces that make people think and stumble on UI, that causes frustration and reduces trust in the solution, so it was important to avoid that at all costs.
Empathetic interface
It is a relatively new framework with many known issues (8000+ issues on GitHub), so we had to write a lot of workarounds and create new roads to make something work on flutter as expected.
As a result we have managed to create an app, made it using modern UI/UX guidelines to make it more user-friendly and ease the life of users. App is already in stores with thousands of users having it installed. It is more visually appealing for younger users and app scalable architecture will allow to extend functionality even more.
The Results
Main screen
Created a modern dashboard with all the necessary navigation, flow and most commonly used action buttons. Transfer, send your company details, exchange money. Possibility to filtrate wallets and assign color code, so you can quickly distinguish between them.
While your account is unverified, it is important to allow access to the app and see what kind of elements there are in, so you are familiar with the UI from day one. In demo account you cannot do some actions, but you will be able to check the app functionality.
Transactions history
Created a functionality, that you can list of all your account operations and transactions. Set custom filters, download statements, preview transaction details and send them as PDF.
Payments with ease
Transaction interface was built with 2-click payments idea in mind, it must be that easy. Users should be able to receive and send funds to more than 150 countries in 19 currencies.
Payment templates
Among regular payment functions that all financial apps have and that we got accustomed to, Bilderlings app has a possibility to set a template with one-click and save it, to pay quicker in the future.
Currency conversion
Automatic and fast currency conversion at attractive rates. Bilderlings app currently supports interbank exchange rates for 19 currencies, with exchange happening in real-time, without hidden fees.
Card & Account
Fast account opening in 24 hours, individual IBAN, bilderlings Mastercard, and many more... Single login, with FaceID/TouchID if needed, for all organisation users, with set permissions on possible account actions. With an account owner with the right to approve/disapprove payments and full traceability who made what changes.
App store / Google play
Apps are available on Android/iOS platforms for Bilderlings bank users and people who decided to give it a try and want to register from the app.
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