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Everyone and everything at Chili Labs is driven by passion to mobile apps.

With an incredible in-house team of 25 talented developers, designers, engineers we have released more than 12 different mobile products in a year 2018 alone.

Read about our missing-persons searching platform that already helped to save several people's lives

Mobile app UI/UX Design.

“Crafted by Chili” not just a slogan, it's much more.

For us it’s hundreds of sleepless nights journey, researches and tens of iterations works. It’s a quest to fuze user needs and requirements of businesses, with a pinch of innovation and design trendsetting at every touchpoint.

Mobile app UX/UI design

iOS native development.

We began creating apps on the release of iOS 3.2 and haven't stopped since. There are no devices from Apple that are not covered by us - (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV), or technology related to Apple that we haven't tried or experimented on (ARKit, CoreML, etc.)

For the past 3 years, we have created more than 25 different products in finance, communication, social, entertainment and charity categories, that were featured and selected to top charts by Apple.

 iOS development

Android native development.

First apps development since the start of Cupcake - Android 1.5.

In 2014, we created an app with more than a million downloads for the biggest Russian social platform - Odnoklassniki.ru (over 30 million users daily) - “Photofun”

Chili Labs is a member of Google agency program and created various products in Top charts of Google Play.

Android development

Flutter development.

Our top priority here at Chili is providing clients with the most optimal solution to the problem.

When talking about building high-performance high load applications there is nothing like native.

But developing and maintaining 2 separate applications is resource consuming and, quite often, unnecessary.

Android development

Code Audit & QA.

Nobody likes bugs and crashes in mobile apps. We bring a set of different testing strategies to guarantee stability, high performance, and efficiency of your app.

List of quality assurance approaches we are using in our company: Unit testing, Integration testing, Automated UI testing, Snapshot testing, Security Testing, Performance testing, A/B testing, On-site / Field testing.

QA audit

Express Design Review.

You have existed in the market for a long time or just got your first investment. But you’ve got a feeling that you need professional design advice to decide how to proceed.

You can find a friend and ask him or take our new offer and get a professional design consultation.

Express Design Review

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