QA Services

Quality Assurance Process.

Nobody likes bugs and crashes. We bring a set of different testing strategies to guarantee stability, high performance, and efficiency of your app.

1. Diverse set of techniques

List of quality assurance approaches we are using in our company: Unit testing, Integration testing, Automated UI testing, Snapshot testing, Security Testing, Performance testing, A/B testing, “Field testing”.

We have a team of ISTQB certified professionals, whose main goal is to match the functionality, see that is not only working correct but is also user-friendly and simple to use.

2. Large pool of devices

In Chili Labs, we have internal “zoo of devices”, consisting of more than 30 different, most used gadgets for Android and iOS. Bunch of third party services and accounts with access to hundreds of rare, specific and physical devices.

Every second week, we send written regression test results that we share to the client with statuses of tested issues (Failed, Passed) to be maximally transparent of what works as expected and where are the buggy places. Regression tests ensure that functionality that was developed and worked in the previous version is working as expected in the next ones. Moreover, client don't spend their valuable time and don't report already found bugs.

3. Reality check

“Field testing” approach - every application has a real-world problem that it solves, so we have to create the same conditions and environment to make sure use cases are covered.

Sometimes, our QA Engineers have to move to the cold Latvian forests in -20C, in an environment where the app will be mostly used (for example - navigation/coordination app for lost people searching). Checking the issues that are there, what is the energy consumption rate and other bugs, impediments and specifics that are impossible to be tested in cozy office conditions.

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