Product Design Meetup #2 | Micromobility

Chili Labs continues a series of educational meetups. This meetup is all about a world changing trend — Micromobility.

About this Event

Date — Fri, December 13, 2019, 6:00 PM — 9:00 PM
Venue — People Work

At Chili Labs we want more great digital products to be created in Latvia, which would be popular not only in Latvia but throughout the world. Therefore, we decided to start a series of educational design meetups. We are inviting famous designers who will be able to share their knowledge in a cozy and informal atmosphere once every 2 months, and viewers to ask their questions.

The Meetup will be held in English. Entry is free of charge (seats are limited).

Speakers and their topics:

Pavel Ivanov | Product Designer @ BOLT (formerly Taxify)
Pavel Ivanov

How to design without assumptions

As designers, we all know or maybe heard at least once a story about “Amazon Fire Phone” failed launch. Why this happened and how we as designers might avoid this in future with products we are working on. It’s really important for us, base our decisions not on assumptions but on users needs.

About Pavel:

More than 6 years of experience across desktop and mobile products such as Pipedrive and Bolt.

Artur Burnin | CEO & founder @ ATOM & Qfer
Artur Burnin
    Some questions that will be covered:
  • 1. Is design important and how much does it affect your product?
  • 2. What to take into account when doing a full redesign of an existing app?
  • 3. Is a pivot really a good idea for your startup?
  • 4. Why user base does not equal revenue?
  • 5. Core differences in B2C and B2B models for your startup?
  • 6. Powering many similar apps that run on the same back-end and don’t kill yourself?

About Artur:

Artur is building IT companies for the last 7 years, both focusing on local and global markets. Founder of ATOM Mobility — a platform that enables entrepreneurs to launch sharing businesses in days. Previously founder of Qfer (closed) — coupon app, later food ordering app, later delivery app.

We want to give warm thanks to People Work for hosting this Meet Up & Kalve Coffee for providing delicious coffee during coffee-break ☕

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