Glocal+ – Community Organizing app

The Glocal application has it’s unique position on the market – it’s about volunteering help on local events. Everyone who has an idea can create an event and find helping hands from all application users in the area.
  • Create events for volunteers on any category: Civic Action, Community / Economic development, Education, Faith based, etc.
  • GPS pinpoints on zoomable map with locations, event details and participants list.
  • Push/In-app notifications of events happening near your location.
  • Reviews for organizers and participants.
  • Partner with local organizations & businesses.
  • Build credibility in the community
  • Client Name
    Fast Rope, USA
  • Industry
    Public service & Charity
  • Released
    8 June, 2017
  • Key focus
    iOS app development
Glocal app showcase
The process:

Chili Labs cooperating with Fastrope built an interactive iOS app with great UX that helps to make a social impact in your local area, whether it is cleaning the street from garbage or charity event, community reunion or any other volunteer action that will make the world a better place.

The most challenging part of the project was to implement seamless navigation within app and create interactive GPS maps of events based on location data, provide thoroughfull UX and simple UI, in order to promote events, connect people and make a good cause together.

Glocal app showcase 2

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