We aim to design for human impact

Great ideas are worthless without execution and design is here to help.

Before jumping into solutions we try to look broadly. By taking best practises from Design Thinking and Design Doing methodologies we identify problems, validate on opportunities, test and deliver applications which actually are focusing on creating value both for the end user and the business itself.

We work closely with our clients to define individual design roadmap which do cover all the necessery feautes, solve problems as well stays intact with the timeline. We are here to make every element on and off the screen matter.

This is what we do

Design Consultancy, Service Design, Marketing Design, User Insight, System Design, Experience Design, Digital Product, User Experience, Industrial Design, Product Design, User Research, Visual Exploration.

It really depends on what your business needs and challenges. And as known, every challenge is an opportunity.

design workflow

Stage 1: Discover

Research, Concept Mapping, Value Proposition, Brainstorming

Discovery stage makes sure that in the end project plan will serve the client goals. To make a product tangible, detailed and wanted we need to understand user, client and business challenges. This helps us to translate opportunities into potential service concepts, operating models and feature ideas.

At this stage we are closely communicating with the client to map down all the requirments, business gaols and agree on the milestones. After gathering all the insights we align the requirments, timeline, technical and visual possibilities to set the right customer experience.

What will you get?
  • Project Plan
  • Product High Level Flow
  • Solution Presentation

1–2 weeks

Stage 2: Design

Prototyping, UX Design, Validation

We believe that through depp collaboration and feedback we can bring your expectations to life more efficiently.

At this stage we are putting all the requirments, ideas and opportunities in one place - to a hih level prototype, which brings all the functional pieces together. Prototype helps to test ideas fast and change them accordingly to the feedback with zero lines of code.

The prototype will enable to “view” future application, interactions between elements and content. After prototypes are ready and confirmed, we can move on to the last stage - Design.

What will you get?
  • Click-Through Prototype
  • Testing

1–2 weeks

Stage 3: Deliver

UI Design, Visual Exploration

Based on all the above steps, we get a full grasp on the application with screens and content defined. Therefore we start to finalize all the major details by adding visual exploration.

Meanwhile, last design nuances will be clarified and confirmed, so the whole app is polished and feels right to the end customer.

Finally, you get a design that your clients always wanted.

What will you get?
  • App Design
  • Pattern Library

4–8 weeks


We care about iOS development community and moving the industry forward with internal libraries and code reviews, therefore we contribute to a lot of open-source projects. Our code-quality is valued by the community and used in a dozen of world-class projects & companies. Our open-source activities are available on GitHub.


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