Android Development.

All our apps are 100% native and developed using Kotlin programming language that makes sure that all the latest technologies from Google can be integrated easily.
It is not enough for code to work.
Robert C. Martin ("Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship")


We are constantly monitoring, evaluating and trying new approaches, libraries, and paradigms. Our current technologies stack is Kotlin, Android JetPack, RxJava, Koin/Dagger for dependency injection. We are believers in clean architecture that we use to separate business logic from implementation details, unify understanding of code across projects and developers.

It makes the code more readable, makes the flow easy to understand even for non-programmers. It also allows us to add new features and change existing without hassle. We also use multiple modules approach to split major features into separate modules, which allows us to manage large projects with ease and reduce build times.


Our team consists of highly skilled developers from well-known companies like OK.ru (second largest social network in Russia with more than 40M users per day), Accenture (a Fortune Global 500 company). The team is very passionate about programming and take pride in their work.

For most, programming has started as a hobby long before the actual profession and most have higher education and certifications in the field. We do believe in knowledge sharing and professional growth. Our employees are making tech talks on different mobile meetups and conferences, and visiting the best conferences for developers like WWDC, UIConf, and Web Summit.

Android OS customization:

We provide android development services outside of conventional app development. We have knowledge and experience building custom Android distributions with custom features and services.

We can build a fully customized version of Android based on such distributions like Lineage OS, that will be fully independent of android play services. We can write special services to provide new functionalities to your apps, such as blocking access on certain devices or users or providing info from your backend.


We are fully aware of security risks and problems on Android and have procedures and approaches in place that allow us gracefully deal with them, making our apps and user data secure.

Using latest technologies and device specific functionalities to ensure data integrity and security. Restricting app access using biometrics such as face id, fingerprint scanning, or password/pin screens. Storing user data in secure storage with support for different android versions and devices.


It’s no secret that Android has a huge fragmentation problem. Different device manufacturers and Android versions don’t make it easy to write a “one code fits all” apps. We have a lot of experience supporting a vast array of devices and Android versions going back to android 2.3.

Our deep knowledge of android os gives us the ability to see possible problems, plan and implement solutions beforehand. We can solve and support a lot of usual pains such as html5 support, user data encryption, biometrics usage.

SIP, Audio & Video calls

Want to add audio and video calls to your app with the ability to call on devices through mobile operators? We can do it. We have experience setting up and running Asterisk server and integrating calls into apps. (https://www.asterisk.org/)


Testing the code is one of the primary responsibilities of our developers as we care about the quality of our software. We use different approaches like Unit-tests, UI-Tests, Integration-tests, to guarantee as fewer bugs as possible.

For continuous integration, we use Bitrise. It is mobile specific and has a bunch of integrations with Apple services as well as third-party services like Crashlytics, Slack, and others. All tests are performed after each commit to repository and developer is notified if any of them don't pass.


We care about Android development community and moving the industry forward with internal libraries and code reviews, therefore we contribute to a lot of open-source projects. Our code-quality is valued by the community and used in a dozen of world-class projects & companies. Our open-source activities are available on GitHub.



Cooperation and knowledge sharing is highly encouraged and welcomed. We regularly do internal talks and presentations inside our company to share ideas, experience with new technologies. This helps our team to move fast, be aware of developments in the IT world, and grow as a professional.

We also share our knowledge with the community by giving tech talks and hosting mobile meetups, as well as invite other high profile professionals to give talks to our team and visiting tech conferences all around the world.

In order to contribute and vary knowledge and expertise of IT related communities, we’ve participated in:

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